Surplus Chemicals for sale.

We are engaged in the sale and purchase of all kinds of Surplus chemicals. We supply Glycols ( MEG, DEG, PG, PEG various mol. weights, ), Glycol mixtures, Spent glycols,  Deicing fluids, Glycol ethers ( DEGMME, Butyl Carbitol, Pluriols, PGMEA and others ), Solvents ( n-Butanol, IPA, Methanol, Cyclohexanone, Monochlorobenzene Ketones etc. ),  Fatty acids, Fatty alcohols, Acid oils, Surfactants, Ethoxylates, Waxes, soap scraps, Laundry detergent powder scraps, Pigments and others. We export from  United States, Canada and Europe. We have the capabilty to ship in Flexibags, Isotanks, Drums, Totes and Bags . 

Welcome to Excel Impex Inc. 

​Your source for quality surplus chemicals.

Surplus Chemicals For Sale